Daron Stinnett

VP Engineering

Daron Stinnett previously headed up engineering teams at Remind,  a communication software platform for students and teachers, Parasail Health, a medical expense and bill management provider, where he had overall responsibilities ranging from managing user experience teams to overseeing the building of customer and industry-facing apps and websites. Daron has also worked in the video game industry, having worked on teams at studios including LucasArts, Spectrum Holobyte, and Perpetual Entertainment.

Daron’s experience in security, DevOps, finance, BI & analytics, and end-to-end software engineering combined with his “passion for product” allows him and his engineering team at Finexio to consistently innovate and improve Finexio’s product and service offerings.

Daron has several certifications and experiences in development tools and languages, including Python, C++, Assembly, JS, AWS, infrastructure-as-code—with extensive knowledge in data pipelines, business intelligence, data security & privacy and budget & cost analysis.