Meet the Finexio Team

Joshua Miner

Joshua Miner

Risk & Compliance Director

Josh has spent the last 15 years building a complete understanding of how to secure payments. He’s held lead roles in finance, operations, InfoSec, and technology to gain extensive knowledge of transaction processing.

He architected information security programs and led enterprise compliance and fraud prevention initiatives at Citigroup and M&T Bank. Before Finexio, he managed Risk & Compliance Systems for a startup that went public in 2021. At the startup, he built business processes related to IT Governance, Fraud Prevention & Detection, Customer Compliance, and ERP/SoX controls from the ground up.

There is a strong possibility that you or someone you know have had their money pass through some logic or process Josh created or contributed to – as the collection of his work analyzes TRILLIONS of dollars a day. Josh is a firm believer in the business process over technology and people over everything. His passion is innovation through collaboration, and he enjoys spending time with his family.