AP Payments
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You decide who to pay, we do the rest.

A fundamentally different approach to AP Payments combines service and software into a complete payments solution for mid-market and enterprise organizations.

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A trusted partner of some of the largest financial institutions, procurement, and accounts payable software.
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What is AP Payments as a Service?

A complete and fully managed payments operations solution enabling mid-market and enterprise organizations to eliminate paper checks, manual payment processes, and supplier exceptions.

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Fully Managed Payment Delivery & Operations

  • Payment Delivery to 100% of Your Suppliers – You send us a single payment file from your AP or ERP software, and we take it from there.
  • Comprehensive Payment Options – Immediately take advantage of modern electronic payments including virtual cards, ACH, Enhanced ACH, eCheck, and more.
  • Trusted Payments Operations Team – We remove the burden of exception handling, disputes, and manual supplier communication from your AP team. Automated and proactive checks and balances ensure your payments are settled.
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High-Touch Supplier Enablement

  • Supplier Payment Communication and Conversion – Ongoing electronic payment conversion and communication to 100% of your suppliers and spend regardless of payment method preference.
  • Data-Backed Supplier Enablement – We leverage proprietary data and technology to optimize electronic payment conversion for you.
  • Strong Supplier Relationships – Finexio adapts to changes in supplier preferences creating long-term success for both buyer and supplier.
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Payment Data Management & Security

  • Payment Data Storage & Security – Account information is securely collected, validated, encrypted, and stored.
  • Data Cleaning & Enrichment – Payment data is always up-to-date, robust, and reliable for making fast, accurate payments, and increasing electronic payment conversion.
  • Safe & Secure Payments – Protect against payment fraud without investing in a complex and costly process.
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Dynamic Payment Reporting & Analytics

  • Centralized Payment Reporting – Insight into who you’re paying, how much, and by what method.
  • Payment Lifecycle Management – Unmatched visibility into payments that you never had access to before.
  • Audit Trail – Full visibility to track down and understand the path of a payment for auditing purposes.
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Why AP Payments as a Service?

Mid-market and enterprise organizations can quickly and easily adopt electronic payments with Finexio’s AP Payments as a Service, a complete payments solution that drives significant value for finance teams.

Save Time

By removing administrative payment tasks and supplier management

Reduce Costs

By eliminating manual work, paper, and preventing errors

Prevent Fraud

By reducing payment management liability and removing security burdens

Gain Visibility & Control

By gaining insight into who is being paid, how much, and by what method 

“Finexio is a game-changer. When someone can make things easy, it’s worth its weight in gold.”

– Daniel Condon, CFO at Phoenix Stamping

Manual Tasks Eliminated by Finexio


Eliminated by Our core services

Printing, signing paper checks
Sending payments
Reconciliation & Posting
Error management
Refunds and resends
Payment questions
Fully Managed Payment Delivery & Operations
Calling suppliers to verify information
Updating supplier information
Managing early payment discounts
Educate suppliers on electronic payments
High-Touch Supplier Enablement
Manual data entry
Validating supplier account information
Data storage & security
Monitoring for fraudulent payments
Payment Data Management & Security
Complicated and time-consuming payment audits
Manual data manipulation for reporting
Following up on outstanding payments
Dynamic Payment Reporting & Analytics


Move from paper checks to modern payment methods from day one.



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