Simplify Your Customer's AP Payments with the Finexio API

A simple and powerful API for sending any number of invoices for payment and keeping systems in sync with detailed reporting.


All payment methods—pay your suppliers with checks, ACHs, virtual cards, and wires
Easily and efficiently manage both buyers and suppliers
Get continuous access to payments status and reporting information

Easy to Work With

Implement our RESTful API with just a few lines of code and refine it in a complete test environment.
No more worrying about exchanging flat files or working with dated protocols.
Connecting from an existing system is a breeze with our transports and custom developed solutions that seamlessly integrate your ERP or accounting system with our APIs.
Image of a snippet of code depicting how easy it is to implement Finexio's RESTful API.

Secure and Scalable

Proven enterprise-grade payments infrastructure.
Process transactions in a PCI Level 1 Certified Environment, providing a secure environment for all transmitted payment card information.
Industry leading encryption standards make sure all data and information remains completely secure.

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