Dynamic Payment Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into who you’re paying, how much, and by what method from centralized payment data.

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A trusted partner of some of the largest financial institutions, procurement, and accounts payable software.

Finexio’s Payment Data Portal


Payment Lifecycle Management

A complete, real-time view of the status of all your payments from one location


Payment Aging Reporting

A single view of all of your outstanding payments


Payments Audit Trail

Full visibility to track down and understand the path of a payment for auditing purposes


Intuitive Reporting Interface

Slice and dice payment data however you like and then export it for a more in-depth analysis for internal reporting

“Progress is imperative and requires companies like Finexio to disrupt an antiquated way of paying invoices.”

-Curtis Ash, CFO at Avid Acceptance

Supplier Portal for Shared Visibility Into Payments

End Customer Buyer Portal

White-Labeled Partner Buyer Portal

Supplier Portal

Why Dynamic Payment Reporting & Analytics?

Managing and auditing payment data can be a complicated and manual process. Finexio removes this hassle by providing you with payments data all in one place. The Finexio Portal provides insights and unmatched level of visibility into your payment data.

Enhances Visibility & Control

Improve financial forecasting with robust access to all of your payment data

Prevents Fraud

The Finexio Portal provides visibility into detailed audit trails, to be proactive against fraud

Saves Time

Buyers and Suppliers have proactive access to payment status, reducing interruptions and unnecessary communication

Reduces Complexity

Centralized, dynamic payments reporting significantly reduces complexity, making it easy to close the books