AP Payments as a Service: A Strategic Partner for the AP Leader

Looking to streamline AP payments for your team?

In Accounts Payable (AP), it can be challenging to manage all the manual processes associated with making payments on time, via the right method and to the correct supplier. At Finexio, we make it easy for AP leaders to transition their department away from inefficient and fraud-prone payment processes. Finexio handles the painful aspects of payment operations, ultimately saving you time, reducing costs, and providing you with visibility into your payments while reducing fraud.

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Remove the burden and risk of manual processes from your AP team with a trusted payment operations partner.

AP leaders of mid-market and enterprise organizations that adopt AP Payments as a Service have realized it:

Lowers Fraud Risk while Upgrading Security

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Reduces Costs & Increases Revenue

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Saves Time & Improves Efficiency

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Boosts Cash Flow and Reporting Visibility

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Lower Fraud Risk & Upgrade Security

  • Finexio prevents unauthorized purchases through various safeguards, controls, policies, and certifications. Bank account information is securely collected, validated, encrypted, and stored.
  • Finexio keeps track of bank account changes, so you can ensure that your payments are going to the correct suppliers. Payment data is always kept accurate and up to date.
  • Finexio optimizes all spend toward virtual card electronic payments, which are proven less susceptible to fraud than ACH and checks, making them the safest option to pay your suppliers.
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Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue

  • Finexio allows AP teams to make an easy and immediate transition away from manual payment processes and costly paper checks that can get lost in the mail, and have the highest risk of fraud.
  • Finexio offers comprehensive payment methods across electronic and legacy payments, matching the best payment method to each supplier.
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Save Time & Improve Efficiency

  • Avoid double payment or late payment of invoices. Finexio delivers 100% of supplier payments from one integrated payment file.
  • Remittance emails are sent out automatically through multiple delivery mechanisms.
  • Finexio has fast processing times, and proactively manages all payment exceptions, disputes, settlements, and manual supplier communications.
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Boost Cash Flow and Reporting Visibility

  • Drastically reduce workflow of your AP team with one-click payment processing via your ERP, procurement or accounting system.
  • Remove the burden of poor data entry, reconciliation or reporting issues. Finexio organizes and visualizes all payment data in one place within the Portal, providing insights into who is being paid, by how much, and by what payment method.
  • Dynamic dashboards and reporting will allow you to perform quicker analysis, as well as increase budgeting and forecasting accuracy.
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Billions in paper check spend eliminated for Finexio customers


of companies say that faster payment speed will help them improve vendor relationships.

-PYMNTS.com, Accounts Payable Payments: Solving Common Business Challenges June 2023


of firms say that AP automation can improve the visibility and transparency of payment processes.

-PYMNTS.com, Accounts Payable Payments: Solving Common Business Challenges June 2023

The AP Manager's Strategic Payment Operations Ally

It’s time to free up to 84% of your AP staff’s time spent on tasks related to supplier payments. Quickly and easily send safe and secure electronic payments with Finexio. Ready to discuss and get started?

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