Fully Managed Payment Delivery & Operations

Our customers let us know “who” to pay.
Finexio's technology and team of experts determine “how”.

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A trusted partner of some of the largest financial institutions, procurement, and accounts payable software.
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Optimized Payments Done-For-You

Finexio’s intelligent electronic payment network identifies, delivers, and supports 100% of supplier payments, eliminating time-consuming and fraud-prone tasks for finance teams with high-touch, ongoing service, and support.

Payment Operations

Payment Delivery

Finexio delivers 100% of supplier payments from one integrated payment file

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Comprehensive Payment Methods

Finexio manages the complete payment mix, matching the best payment method for each supplier

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Trusted Payments Team

Backed by our technology, our team of trusted payment experts manages payments for you, reducing the risk of internal fraud

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Payment Delivery

Payments are delivered to suppliers quickly. No more fraud-prone check runs or mail delays.

One integrated payment file from your ARP or ERP software

  • Finexio is ERP and AP-agnostic, and our service fits within your existing workflows. Get started quickly without a lengthy change-management process.

Eliminate internal resource time for processing payments

  • Save time, reduce cost, and prevent fraud by removing data entry, generating multiple payment files, cutting checks, and stuffing envelopes.
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Comprehensive Payment Methods

Eliminate internal check printing and mailing costs. Finexio helps you move to secure paperless payments from day one.

Leverage the benefits of electronic payments while meeting supplier preferences

  • Maintain strong supplier relationships with Finexio’s offerings of Virtual Card, Card by Mail, FinexioExpress, ACH, eChecks, paper checks, and more.

Make payments with one payment file

  • No need to work with multiple payment providers or continue to process all payments in-house.
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Trusted Payments Operations Team

Finexio's team of payments experts takes over painful, manual and fraud-prone payment processes from your AP team, saving time, simplifying reconciliation, and reducing complexity and risk.

Automated and proactive checks and balances on payment status

  • Remove the need to follow up individually with each supplier to ensure payment settlement. Quickly and confidently close the books.

Finexio proactively manages payment exceptions and supplier inquiries for all payment methods

  • Finexio eliminates exceptions, disputes, and manual supplier communication. Remove the need to hire, staff, or scale a team of payment specialists.

“Finexio is a lifesaver…I’m happy to report I no longer have to sign manual checks.”

-CFO at Worldwide Produce