Never Perform Another Check Run Again!

Detailed remittance. Reduced costs. Upgraded security.

Are your suppliers still on paper check? No problem. Never sign another check or perform a check run again. Finexio manages 100% of your payments including virtual card, ACH, eCheck, paper check, and more. Finexio’s paper checks offers fully automated check printing and delivery and detailed remittance information for greater payment visibility and enhanced security for you and your suppliers. 

Automated paper check example with remittance information.

Paper Check

Finexio’s AP Payments as a Service removes all manual check processes off your plate, saving you time while reducing costs, so your AP team can focus on other value-add business activities. We’ll provide you with visibility into the status of your check payments and improved remittance information and reporting. While security may be a rising issue on checks in multiple industries, our paper checks use best in class B2B check security features to keep you and your suppliers safe against bad actors or fraudsters. 

Detailed Remittance Information

  • Includes invoice number, invoice date, and account number
  • Full memo field remittance details on the invoice file
  • Buyer name and address presented on remittance page
  • Custom check features can also be applied including company inserts, logos,  and envelopes

Improved Security Components

  • Digital security pantograph and digital verification grid
  • Anti-copy technology and microprint text
  • Digital inkjet dye-based or pigment-based inks with an original back pattern
  • …and more!

Opportunity for Virtual Card Conversion

  • Virtual cards provide faster settlement, improved cash flow, and safer payments between buyers and suppliers.
  • Checks delivered via physical mail include an opt-in method for virtual card conversion.
  • Check remittance includes educational information, providing suppliers an opportunity to opt-in to receive secure, flexible, and fast virtual card payments instead of checks.

Ready to never sign another paper check? Get in touch with Finexio.