AP Payments as a Service: A Strategic Lever for CFOs

Searching for a way to streamline AP payments?

Manual Accounts Payable (AP) payment processes are time-consuming, resource-intensive, and prone to human error and fraud. Existing ERP and AP systems automate invoices, but what about payments? Finexio makes it easy for CFOs to transition their organization away from costly, manual, and fraud-prone payment processes to modern, safe, and monetizable payments with AP Payments as a Service.

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Delivering Significant Value to Finance Teams

CFOs of mid-market and enterprise organizations that adopt AP Payments as a Service have realized it:

Lowers Fraud Risk while Upgrading Security

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Reduces Costs & Increases Revenue

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Saves Time & Improves Efficiency

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Boosts Cash Flow and Reporting Visibility

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Lower Fraud Risk & Upgrade Security

Finexio optimizes virtual card electronic payments, which are proven less susceptible to fraud than ACH and checks, making them the better option to pay your suppliers. Utilization of digital payments matched with industry-leading payment security practices from Finexio minimizes risk exposure.

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Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue

Finexio eliminates work associated with processing manual payments, reduces the high costs of paper checks, and prevents errors. The shift to electronic payment methods, including Virtual Card and FinexioExpress, monetizes existing AP spend without additional investment in time from your AP team.

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Save Time & Improve Efficiency

Finexio provides “done for you” AP Payments with white-glove service support. We manage administrative payment tasks and supplier management. This gives your team time back in their day, and provides you the ability to reallocate AP team resources to more strategic business initiatives.

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Boost Cash Flow and Reporting Visibility

Finexio organizes and visualizes all payment data in one place within the Portal, providing insights into who is being paid, by how much, and by what payment method. Dynamic dashboards will allow you to perform quicker analysis, as well as increase budgeting and forecasting accuracy.

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Billions in paper check spend eliminated for Finexio customers


of CFO’s we work with say the #1 reason they choose Finexio is time savings, efficiency, and resource optimization


of CFOs are driven by optimizing the revenue potential of their AP operation

The CFOs Strategic Payments Partner

It’s time to free up to 84% of your AP staff’s time spent on tasks related to supplier payments. Quickly and easily send electronic payments with Finexio today. Ready to get started?

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