Monetize AP Payments

Transform accounts payable from a cost center into a revenue generator by monetizing your existing AP spend.

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A trusted partner of some of the largest financial institutions, procurement, and accounts payable software.

Increase Profitability and Generate Revenue Through Electronic Payments

Revenue-Generating Electronic Payment Methods

Achieve high virtual card and electronic payment acceptance without the manual effort of converting suppliers

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Innovative Payment & Delivery Methods

Finexio manages your complete payments mix matching the best payment method to each supplier, increasing revenue opportunities

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Supplier Management Powered by AI

Finexio leverages data and AI to optimize electronic payment acceptance to rates significantly higher than industry averages

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Revenue-Generating Electronic Payment Methods

Revenue-generating payment methods are delivered to suppliers quickly and safely. Save time by eliminating check runs, mail delays, and ultimately reducing payment fraud.

Virtual Cards

  • Finexio’s virtual card solution provides buyers with faster payments, improved cash flow, and reduced fraud risk. Virtual cards offset costs and deliver a net new revenue stream for your business. Card by Mail provides a new delivery option for virtual cards to increase revenue share for your business.


  • Finexio’s proprietary payment network solution, FinexioExpress, is an alternative revenue-generating payment method for suppliers who can not accept virtual cards, while being faster and more secure than paper checks
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Full Service Coverage of
Payment Methods

Finexio payment types include virtual card, FinexioExpress, eCheck, ACH, paper check, and wire transfers. Finexio balances supplier payment preferences while leveraging industry-specific data and AI to optimize payment conversion.

Various supplier payment options

  • Finexio uses data to promote the best electronic payment method for each supplier to expand revenue opportunities.

Target long-tail supplier payments

  • Finexio uses AI technology to target more than just known card acceptors. All suppliers are targeted equally and educated on the value of accepting electronic payments
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Supplier Management Powered by AI

As a trusted partner for our customers and their suppliers, Finexio leverages data and AI to optimize electronic payment acceptance to rates significantly higher than industry averages.

Predictive Model for Supplier Conversion

  • Finexio leverages AI to predict conversion to any payment method with an impressive 93% accuracy rate

Supplier Data Cleaning & Enrichment

  • Clean and accurate payment data enables better decision-making, prevents delays, and improves reporting
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Decrease AP Payments Costs by 50% or More

Traditional processes are time-consuming and costly. Become paper-free from day one and immediately take advantage of modern, revenue-generating electronic payments without a lengthy change-management process.

“SFP and Finexio make it possible
to get time back in your day,
and money in your pocket.”

-John Kates, CEO of Gallagher Fluid Seals, Inc.