Introducing Virtual-Card-by-Mail

Increase your revenue share and the rate of virtual card acceptance within your supplier base.

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Optimize your card payment program

Monetize an additional 25% of your AP spend by targeting the long tail.

In conjunction with Mastercard, Finexio identifies known B2B card acceptors.

Minimize the need to sell and engage by preemptively sending card payments to known acceptors.

40-60% of suppliers will accept card via mail without any disruptions,

Suppliers have a voluntary opt-out mode, but you control the conversation

The Benefits

Why it Works: We target small spend suppliers, lowering acceptance costs while providing the convenience of cards.

Enhanced Security: Single-use virtual cards can only be used by the payee—offering stark security improvements over mailed checks.

Increased Revenue Share: Virtual cards eliminate the costs of paper checks while driving additional revenue share

Proven Method: Card-by-mail (CBM) is widely used in many verticals by large publicly traded companies to great success.

How it Works

Supplier Segmentation:

Finexio identifies in-scope suppliers (likely card acceptors) and allows you to modify the list

Print & Mail:

When Finexio sees a payment come through for providers targeted for CBM, Finexio will send a card via USPS in lieu of a check

Suppliers receive and process their payment as they would any other card payment

Monitoring & Reporting:

Finexio closely monitors all card by mail payments to ensure they are processed

You can always see CBM payments and their status 24/7 on Finexio’s portal


Finexio will make several attempts to reach suppliers who were mailed a card, but have not processed it

Finexio has a formal campaign and follow-up schedule to ensure payments are processed in a timely manner

Finexio tracks and records all interactions with your suppliers giving you complete transparency

Settlement or Reissue:

If suppliers do not process the card and we are unable to reach them, Finexio will reissue that payment in form of a check and mail it






8 Calendar days after the card issued, then a follow-up if no authorization seen

12 days after issue, then a second follow-up if no authorization seen

14 days after issue, defund card and reissue a physical paper check

BAU payment task follow-ups for mailed paper checks

Subsequent payments repeat the process, still attempting card-by-mail

Supplier Segmentation

CBM targets your non-strategic suppliers that are likely card acceptors helping drive additional card adoption.

a graph depicting how Finexio's card by mail program can target non-strategic suppliers and increase value per transaction.

*Courtesy "Deloitte B2B Payments"

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start the program?

The first letter can go out as soon as you are ready.

Why not opt-in?

Finexio has found that the “push” approach has greater acceptance to virtual cards than seeking permission first.  For some accounts, there is pushback to be automatically enrolled in the program, but once established, there is a high level of satisfaction with virtual cards as a preferred method of payments.

What if the supplier does not accept Mastercard?

Occasionally the file Finexio procures flags a supplier as accepting Mastercard when they do not.  In this case the payment will not be processed.  The supplier will need to call Finexio (phone number on the letter) and we will arrange payment through other methods.

What if the supplier does not accept the card?

Finexio will contact the supplier 8 and 12 days after the card is issued.  After 14 days the card will be defunded and a check will be mailed.  A second virtual card attempt may be made with the next invoice cycle.

How does Finexio ensure that the supplier does not view the letter as Spam?

The letter makes it clear it is from you and summarizes invoices that they ought to recognize.  It is also clear who to contact with questions. Finexio will explain the opt-out nature of the program and the benefits to the supplier.

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