Card by Mail

Increase revenue share and virtual card acceptance within your supplier base with Card by Mail.

Virtual Card by Mail
illustration of an envelope

Optimize Your Card Payment Program

Finexio targets in-scope suppliers for acceptance and ensures addresses are up to date.

Finexio will print and mail the Card by Mail and remittance.

Suppliers will process their payment as they would with any other merchant terminal.

Finexio will monitor payments to ensure delivery and tracking.

Key Benefits

Strong Adoption

Card by Mail increases virtual card adoption by 40%.  Finexio identifies known card acceptors, increasing the likelihood of suppliers processing payment via their merchant terminals.

Revenue Opportunity

Card by Mail allows more suppliers and spend to be paid with virtual card, increasing cash back earnings on spend

Cost Efficiency

The program pays for itself as just one Card by Mail offsets the cost of sending 5 paper checks.

Enhanced Security

Virtual card payments are more secure than mailing checks. Single-use, single-amount cards requiring a physical terminal to process, sent to approved suppliers greatly reduces fraud risk.

No Change In Process

Finexio manages the entire process including mailing your virtual cards to your suppliers. We will continue to engage your large-spend suppliers through our Supplier Management program. Results can be tracked in Finexio’s customer portal.

Electronic Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are typically sent and delivered to suppliers via email address. Virtual cards (by email) offers similar benefits to Card by Email, but with the added layer of security and speed that electronic payments offer. Finexio uses AI driven technology mixed with Supplier Management campaigns to educate and move your suppliers over to Virtual Card as a primary form of payment. This also provides you and your business with monetization of your AP payments.