Introducing Virtual Card
by Mail

Increase revenue share and virtual card acceptance within your supplier base with Card by Mail.

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Optimize Your Card Payment Program

Target smaller spend suppliers, making the cost of card acceptance lower and more palatable while providing the added convenience of cards

In conjunction with Mastercard, Finexio identifies known B2B card acceptors

Card by Mail fosters dialogue with suppliers that have questions about alternative payment methods

Many suppliers will accept and adopt card by mail, as it has been widely used in many verticals across publicly traded companies

Key Benefits

Revenue Opportunity

Card-By-Mail introduces greater card issuance and proven high adoption rates, monetizing up to 25% more of AP spend cashback

Cost Efficiency

Cards are placed in the mail and Suppliers can choose to opt out on their own through an automated self-service process

Strong Adoption

Supplier profiling for Card-By-Mail offers greater propensity to target card acceptors and increase the likelihood of processing the payment via their merchant terminals

Enhanced Security

Virtual card payments are significantly more secure than mailing checks and are time sensitive, single use cards with no routing and account data included

Additional Delivery Method

Position CBM program as a secondary delivery option for cards versus Virtual Card by email