Five “Secrets” Every CFO Should Know

Accounts payable has traditionally been an integral part of the business, providing a necessary function in the financial cycle. However, it is now being recognized as not just a cost center but also an opportunity to grow profits and scale your business.

In order to achieve business growth, it’s important for CFOs to focus on finding and funding solutions that will drive long-term growth. To help you understand how your AP department can lead your company to better cash flow management and drive more value, we’re revealing five “secrets” all CFOs should know.

“Secret” #1: Leverage Technology to your Advantage

Technology has revolutionized the accounts payable process, making it faster and more efficient. Automated invoice management systems can help you quickly identify and pay invoices, while supplier payment portals allow you to make payments online without having to go through a middleman. Streamlining these processes will not only free up to 84% of your AP staff’s time, but you’ll reduce costs by eliminating manual, paper-based payment processes.

“Secret” #2: Partner with suppliers to make payments faster and more convenient.

This will improve supplier relations while freeing up cash and reducing the time it takes for funds to be received. Suppliers are motivated to get their money faster and more conveniently, so it’s a great place to start. Suppliers want a say in how they get paid and will adopt a solution that provides a payment method that is fast and easy for them. As an added benefit, you can drive value back to your business with early payment discounts and cash-back benefits from rebates and incentives.

“Secret” #3: Forecast Cash Flow and Allocate Resources Accordingly

In order to make sound decisions about where to allocate its resources, a company needs to have an accurate view of its current and future cash flow position. Accounts payable can help the broader business by forecasting cash flow and providing insights into how different decisions will impact the company’s financial position.

“Secret” #4: Control Costs by Implementing Supplier Payment Best Practices

Best practices for supplier payments can help a business save money on administrative and processing costs. This includes negotiating better payment terms with suppliers, taking advantage of discounts for early payment, and using electronic payments whenever possible.

“Secret” #5: Focus on Cash Flow, Not Just Efficiencies

Cash flow is one of the most important drivers for business growth. Accounts payable can lead the way by expanding its responsibility and becoming better stewards of cash flow for their company. That starts with rethinking how paying suppliers can maximize revenue while cutting costs at every turn.

Hopefully these secrets have provided some insight into why your AP department should be focused on driving long-term sustainable revenue growth, not just controlling expenses more efficiently.

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