ACH Enrollment for Businesses

Required Information
  • Company Email Address: This is your email address with your company that is registered with Finexio for payments.
  • Company Tax Identification Number (TIN): This is used to identify your company in our system.
  • Company Bank Account and Routing Number: Have these numbers readily available to set up your payment options.
Additional Verification (if needed)

If our system is unable to automatically recognize your company email address and/or company TIN within our Finexio network, you will be required to provide one or both of the following:

  • Company W-9: W-9 form for business identification
  • Invoice proving business relationship between Finexio Customer and Supplier

If our system is unable to automatically verify your business bank account details, you will be required to confirm ownership by providing one of the following:

  • Voided Check: A check from your company's bank account with the word 'VOID' written across it in large letters.
  • Bank Letter of Ownership: A formal letter from the bank that confirms that the company is the owner of the account in question.
  • Bank Statement: A bank statement that shows the bank name, account number, and name of account owner.
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Please Note: All updates are reviewed & performed manually by our team to protect our customer's information and ensure all changes are legitimate. Changes are not effective until notification is received from our Customer Operations team confirming that the requested updates have been made. Any payment files submitted prior to that confirmation will be made according to the existing payment method on file.