Why companies are choosing Finexio over Corpay

A Personalized Approach. Happier Suppliers.

Finexio, a leading provider of Accounts Payable (AP) Payments as a Service, is focused on enabling end-to-end business payment capabilities in mid-market and enterprise organizations while also providing embedded AP Payments as a Service for its partners in AP, banks, and procurement software. We outperform competitors by delivering 2-3x average industry virtual card adoption rates. We ensure your payments are being delivered quickly and securely to all suppliers. Finexio’s approach helps keep your suppliers engaged, happy, and paid on time! 

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A trusted partner of some of the largest financial institutions, procurement, and accounts payable software.

What Makes Finexio Different?

When asked why they are moving away from Corpay, customers often mentioned a staged approach to supplier outreach, lack of visibility into security options, and inconsistent revenue share.

Campaign Driven Payment Optimization

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Mitigate Payments Fraud with Bank-Level Security

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Earn Revenue Share through Electronic Payments

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Compare Finexio vs. Corpay

Corpay has helped many mid-sized companies, but businesses tell us when it’s time to raise the bar in optimizing supplier payment options through a personalized approach, they move from Corpay to Finexio.




Payments via virtual card, same day ACH, or check sent for you

Payment Operations Team that assists with payments

Single integrated payment file from AP or ERP software

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National Payments optimized by J.P. Morgan Chase & NextGen technology to produce faster payment processing times

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Virtual Card by Mail Program

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Comprehensive, data-driven approach to match the right supplier with the right payment method

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Large supplier network with card issuer data match for card acceptance

Industry-specific payment data for strategic payment optimization

Communicates the value of electronic payments with correct-size outreach and analysis

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Campaign-driven data & technology approach to ongoing supplier conversion to virtual card

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All size company suppliers are targeted and 100% of spend managed

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Bank-level security and trust

Compliment banks with a channel program vs. competing with banks

Clear visibility and transparency into types of fraud mitigation, security and a compliance infrastructure that is in place

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Buyer & Supplier web-based Portal

Rich payment remittance data for easier reconciliation

Payments Audit Trail

Data transparency of supplier details along with tools to analyze and report on supplier activity

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Partner-specific model available

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Virtual Card by Mail Program

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Target “long-tail” supplier payments equally

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Multi-channel supplier outreach campaign approach to increase electronic conversion

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High-touch Supplier Enablement Team that maintains strong relationships with suppliers

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Included and transparent fees on support costs

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Competitive and consistent client revenue share

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Campaign-Driven Payments Optimization

Finexio continues ongoing management of supplier payment preferences and requirements, not just during onboarding.

Finexio educates suppliers on the benefits of electronic payments and virtual cards, and work with them on their preferred payment method.

Finexio communicates effectively and in a friendly approach, with all customers’ suppliers, no matter the size of their business.

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Mitigate Payments Fraud Risk

Finexio uses Account Validation Services (AVS), Know Your Customer (KYC), OFAC Sanctions List checks, and AML Compliance Transaction Monitoring to ensure that your payments are delivered safely to the correct supplier.

Finexio is SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 certified, and has platform security roles and encryption measures in place. We utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the most secure cloud service provider.

Data enrichment ensures that payment data is up to date and accurate to increase electronic payment conversion to virtual cards, the safest form of payment to reduce fraud. 

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Receive Revenue Share

Finexio is in business to help our customers and partners to gain a new stream of revenue for their business by offsetting service costs.

The revenue share you will receive is non-conditional and not based on fluctuations in interchange fees. Instead, we want to ensure you are generating revenue from existing accounts payable spend consistently, and fairly.

Finexio's competitive pricing matches its high-touch supplier enablement practices, producing proven results for our customers. 

Finexio is Here to Ensure Your Steps to Success

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Implementation Support

Our dedicated implementation team will guide you every step of the way for a seamless onboarding process. Our specialists are readily available to ensure we hit the ground running as a team.

Strategic Account Management

Your strategic account manager is your trusted payments partner. We’ll help you get onboarded, be your advocate, tune into your feedback, and be excited to share expert advice to best optimize your AP payments.

Customer Support
& Help Center

Receive fast, top-tier support and prompt responses to all payment inquiries or questions about the Finexio Portal and reporting. The Help Center includes FAQs and supporting articles to best assist you and your business.

“Finexio is a game-changer. The service and onboarding process were a big part of our success and helping our suppliers get on the right payment methods.”

–Daniel Condon, CFO at Phoenix Stamping