Why companies choose Finexio over Coupa Pay

Multiple Payment Options.
Best-in-class service offerings.
Ongoing supplier conversion.

Finexio, a leading provider of Accounts Payable (AP) Payments as a Service, is focused on enabling end-to-end business payment capabilities in mid-market and enterprise organizations and provides embedded AP Payments as a Service for its partners in AP, procurement software, and banks. We outperform competitor guarantees by a landslide by delivering 2-3x average industry virtual card adoption rates. Finexio’s approach helps keep your suppliers engaged, happy, and paid on time! 

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A trusted partner of some of the largest financial institutions, procurement, and accounts payable software.

What Makes Finexio Different?

When asked why they are moving away from Coupa Pay, customers often mentioned longer payment day holds, no printed checks offered, an expensive and long implementation process, and lack of service teams
to assist.

Shorter Payment Day Holds

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Multiple Payment Options

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Comprehensive Approach to Onboarding

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Best-in-Class Supplier Enablement and Payment Operations Teams

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Compare Finexio vs. Coupa Pay

Coupa Pay has helped many large companies process AP payments, but businesses tell us when it’s time to raise the bar in both security and customer service, they move from Coupa Pay to Finexio.


Coupa Pay


Immediately take advantage of modern electronic payments such as Virtual Card, ACH, and eCheck

Offers same day enhanced ACH payments

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Offers Printed Checks with Positive Pay

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Matches each supplier to the right comprehensive payment option for them, such as Virtual Card, ACH, Enhanced ACH, eChecks, Paper Checks & Wire Transfer

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Payments team in place to handle payment exceptions and delivery of payments

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Shorter payment day holds and fast processing times

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5-6 week onboarding support

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Communicates the value of electronic payments with correct-size outreach and analysis

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Campaign-driven data & technology approach to ongoing supplier conversion to virtual card

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All size company suppliers are targeted and 100% of spend managed

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Visibility & transparency into security framework around organizational, platform, network & database, & payment method security

Highly secure and reliable infrastructure within Amazon Web Services (AWS)

24/7 monitoring and response protects application from unauthorized access

Organizational SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 Certifications in place

Payments are made safely & securely: Use of Account Validation Services (AVS), Know Your Customer (KYC), OFAC Sanctions Screening, AML Compliance Transaction Monitoring Tools

Penny-testing in place; no need to enter banking & routing information twice

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Security support for supplier change information, such as address and banking information

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Payments handled by in-house payments team or processed directly through the Portal to decrease fraud risk

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Buyer & Supplier web-based Portal

Rich payment remittance data and robust reporting capabilities

Payments Audit Trail

Data transparency of supplier details along with tools to analyze and report on supplier activity

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Partner-specific model available

Virtual Card by Mail Program

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Target “long-tail” supplier payments equally, resulting in 2-3x virtual card above industry average conversion

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Multi-channel supplier outreach campaign approach to increase electronic conversion

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High-Touch Supplier Enablement Team that maintains strong relationships with suppliers

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Competitive client revenue share

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Shorter Payment Day Holds

Finexio’s NextGen technology has a modern, scalable, next-generation platform that offers shorter payment day holds and improved processing times.

This includes same-day processing on payments such as Virtual Card, ACH, and Wire, while paper check has a 2-3 day processing time.

Finexio also offers extended cutoff times for ACH and Wire, providing our customers with expanded time frames to submit invoices.

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Multiple Payment Options

Finexio offers virtual card, FinexioExpress, ACH, eChecks, Paper Checks with Positive Pay, and wire transfers as forms of payment.

Finexio analyzes supplier payment history to identify the best method of payment based on our data from our proprietary supplier network and relationship with card suppliers, creating an optimized payments mix matching the right payment method to the right supplier. 

No added on costs.

A Comprehensive Approach to Onboarding

Finexio offers a streamlined implementation process, allowing customers to start making payments within weeks, not months.

Our in-house account management, payment operations and supplier enablement teams help modernize our customer’s AP operations from start to finish.

Finexio’s support team and Help Center are readily available to assist with any questions about our products and services

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Best-in-Class Supplier Enablement & Payment Operations Teams

All supplier enrollment and preferences are handled by Finexio’s in-house supplier enablement team, and not just during onboarding.

No need to worry about who to reach out to when you have a question about a payment.

After payment is submitted, Finexio’s Payment Operations team handles all activities necessary to ensure the supplier is successfully paid. This includes ensuring the successful delivery of payments, exception handling, and other activities typically performed by a customer’s AP team.

Finexio is Here to Ensure Your Steps to Success

Unlock access to our unparalleled support services.

Implementation Support

Our dedicated implementation team will guide you every step of the way for a seamless onboarding process. Our specialists are readily available to ensure we hit the ground running as a team.

Strategic Account Management

Your strategic account manager is your trusted payments partner. We’ll help you get onboarded, be your advocate, tune into your feedback, and be excited to share expert advice to best optimize your AP payments.

Customer Support
& Help Center

Receive fast, top-tier support and prompt responses to all payment inquiries or questions about the Finexio Portal and reporting. The Help Center includes FAQs and supporting articles to best assist you and your business.

“Finexio is a game-changer. Their team is in the top 1% for support…it’s worth its weight in gold.”

–Daniel Condon, CFO at Phoenix Stamping