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Machine Learning Technology. Data-Driven Supplier Enablement. Maximum ROI.

Finexio, a leading provider of Accounts Payable (AP) Payments as a Service, is focused on enabling end-to-end business payment capabilities in mid-market and enterprise organizations while also providing embedded AP Payments as a Service for its partners in AP, procurement software, and banks. We outperform competitors with 2-3x average industry virtual card adoption rates, due to our best-in-class team support, our machine learning technology, and revenue-generating payment options. We ensure your payments are being delivered quickly and securely to all suppliers, keeping them engaged, happy, and paid on time!

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A trusted partner of some of the largest financial institutions, procurement, and accounts payable software.

What Makes Finexio Different?

Finexio’s machine learning (ML) model boasts an impressive 93% accuracy rate, correctly predicting 84% of suppliers that will convert to card payments. Combined with extra virtual card delivery methods, Finexio will be noted to have the highest supplier conversion in the market. This remarkable precision ensures that our team focuses on the most receptive suppliers, maximizing the return on investment for our customers and partners.

Best-in-Class Customer Operations and Supplier Enablement Teams

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Data-Driven Machine Learning Powered Supplier Enablement Approach

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Maximum ROI with FinexioExpress and Virtual Card by Email & Mail

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Compare Finexio vs. Paymode-X

Paymode-X by Bottomline and Finexio’s AP Payments as a Service share many similarities, when it comes to providing medium-to-large enterprise companies with a high volume of vendor payments. Both provide various payment delivery options, reporting capabilities, and fraud prevention. However, when it comes to revenue-generating payments, including machine learning (ML) supplier conversion efforts, partnered with a virtual card-by-mail program, there is no better payments partner than Finexio. 




Immediately take advantage of modern electronic payments, including

A comprehensive, data-driven approach to match the right supplier with the right payment method

Payments team in place to handle managed payment exceptions, disputes, and supplier communication

Automated & proactive checks & balances to ensure payment settlement

Eliminates internal resource time for processing payments

Delivers 100% of your supplier payments

Match suppliers to the appropriate payment method

Virtual Card by Mail Program

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National Payments optimized by J.P. Morgan Chase & NextGen technology to produce faster payment processing times, and shorter payment day holds

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Communicates the value of electronic payments with correct-size outreach and analysis

Ongoing supplier adoption, not just during onboarding

All-size company suppliers are targeted and 100% of spend managed

Large supplier network with card issuer data match for card acceptance

Industry-specific payment data for strategic payment optimization

5-6 week onboarding support

Campaign-driven data & technology approach to ongoing supplier conversion to virtual card

Machine learning (ML) technology in place to revolutionize supplier conversion efforts, transforming the way to identifying, target and engage suppliers, providing unmatched accuracy and precision in identifying card-ready suppliers

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ERP Agnostic

Partner-specific model available

High-touch Supplier Enablement Team that maintains strong relationships with suppliers

Multi-channel supplier outreach campaign approach to increase electronic conversion

FinexioExpress (premium ACH direct deposit solution) program to increase revenue-generating payments

Virtual Card by Mail Program acts as a secondary delivery method to increase virtual card revenue-generating payments

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Machine learning (ML) technology allows targeting “long-tail” suppliers as well as the most receptive suppliers, maximizing at least 3x virtual card above industry average conversion

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Visibility into transparent fees on support costs

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Visibility into client revenue share

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Highly secure and reliable infrastructure within Amazon Web Services (AWS)l

Organizational SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 Certifications in place

Visibility & transparency into organizational, platform, network & database, & payment method security

24/7 monitoring and response protects application from unauthorized access

Role-based permissions and multi-factor authentication

Enhanced email validation to protect and prevent phishing and Business email compromise attempts

Detect, respond, and eliminate inherent and residual money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud-related risks with bank account validation, AML, OFAC sanction lists, and KYC monitoring tools

Bank account information securely collected, validated, encrypted, and stored

Payment data is accurate and up to date

Clean supplier information to prevent fraud and increase electronic conversion

Offers printed checks with Positive Pay

Payments handled by in-house payments team or processed so less hands are touching payments to reduce fraud

Security support for supplier change information, such as address and banking information, as well as electronic payment enrollment

Risk and compliance human-touch team to handle and uncover potential security issues that could arise in the payments process

Zero security breaches, hundreds of thousands in dollars recovered


Buyer & supplier web-based Portals

Rich payment remittance data, filters and robust reporting capabilities

Payments Audit Trail

Complete payment lifecycle management

Transparency of supplier data, and tools to analyze and report on supplier activity

Modern approach to collecting, cleaning, organizing and presenting payments data with regular updates & improvements

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Best-in-Class Customer Operations and Supplier Enablement Teams

After payment is submitted, Finexio’s Payment Operations team handles all activities necessary to ensure the supplier is successfully paid. This includes ensuring the successful delivery of payments, exception handling, and other activities typically performed by a customer’s AP team.

Access to card issuer data paired with industry-specific data translates to strategic and optimal payment optimization.

All supplier enrollment and preferences are targeted equally and handled by Finexio’s in-house supplier enablement team through a campaign-driven approach (and not just during onboarding).

Data-Driven Machine Learning (ML) Powered Supplier Enablement Approach

Our ML model boasts an impressive accuracy rate, correctly predicting a high number of suppliers that will convert to card payments.

Our ML model harnesses the power of data, such as supplier spend, industry, and past payment history to uncover patterns and identifies suppliers who are primed for conversion.

Our data-driven approach eliminates the guesswork and manual analysis, allowing our sales teams to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

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Maximum ROI with FinexioExpress and Virtual Card by Email & Mail

Finexio is in business to help our customers and partners to gain a new stream of revenue for their business by offsetting service costs.

The revenue share you will receive from Virtual Card and FinexioExpress is non-conditional and not based on fluctuations in interchange fees.

Finexio's competitive pricing matches its high-touch supplier enablement practices, producing proven results for our customers. 

Finexio is Here to Ensure Your Steps to Success

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Our dedicated implementation team will guide you every step of the way for a seamless onboarding process. Our specialists are readily available to ensure we hit the ground running as a team.

Strategic Account Management

Your strategic account manager is your trusted payments partner. We’ll help you get onboarded, be your advocate, tune into your feedback, and be excited to share expert advice to best optimize your AP payments.

Customer Support
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Receive fast, top-tier support and prompt responses to all payment inquiries or questions about the Finexio Portal and reporting. The Help Center includes FAQs and supporting articles to best assist you and your business.

“Finexio is a game-changer. The service and onboarding process were a big part of our success and helping our suppliers get on the right payment methods.”

–Daniel Condon, CFO at Phoenix Stamping