Payment Data Management
& Security

Payment and account information is securely collected, validated, encrypted, and stored. 

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A trusted partner of some of the largest financial institutions, procurement, and accounts payable software.

Why Payment
Data Management
& Security?

Avoid manual data entry, validating supplier account information, monitoring against fraudulent payments, and having to be a payments data storage and security expert. Finexio removes that hassle by being a true extension of your team, committed to keeping your payments meticulous and secure. 

Gain Visibility & Control

The Finexio Portal provides full visibility to track down the path of a payment and ensures that payment data is error-free and reliable for reporting

Reduce Liability

Finexio ensures provided payment information is complete and valid in order to reduce risk and prevent late or dropped payments

Prevent Fraud

Finexio validates billing information, ensures supplier banking data is protected and secured safely, and detects, responds, and eliminates inherent and residual money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud-related risks

Payment Security

Finexio deploys security systems, processes, controls, and safeguards to ensure the integrity of Finexio's data processing systems

Customer Payments are
Made Securely and Safely

Finexio is committed to keeping your payments secure with bank-level security.


Finexio reduces human error by taking on collecting sensitive supplier banking information


Finexio completes address validation, bank account validation and performs OFAC & AML compliance sanctions screening to prevent fraud and reduce risk


Finexio ensures that sensitive supplier banking data is protected and stored safely


Finexio hosts, manages, and has database security backups within Amazon Web Services (AWS), and has security measures in place, such as platform security, email security, and platform security

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Data Cleaning & Enrichment

Precise payment data for making fast and accurate payments

Payment data is always up-to-date and robust for reporting

Better supplier information to increase payment conversion

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Payments Made Safely & Securely

SOC 2 Type 1

  • Finexio has renewed its SOC 2 Type 1 Certification. Feel confident in the availability, security, and integrity of Finexio’s data processing systems

Transaction Monitoring

  • Finexio complies with current and future regulation guidelines by detecting, investigating, and reporting on suspected money laundering or suspicious activity

Virtual Card Security

  • Virtual cards are a one-time-use card that do not require suppliers to provide banking information, drastically reducing the risk of fraud

Payments Audit Trail

  • The Finexio Portal provides full visibility to track down and understand the path of a payment for auditing purposes

“We chose Finexio not just for the revenue share, but for the ease of making payments and the security of those payments.”

-Stephen Krieger, CFO at ViCon Construction, LLC