Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start the program?

The first letter can go out as soon as you are ready.

Why not opt-in?

Finexio has found that the “push” approach has greater acceptance to virtual cards than seeking permission first.  For some accounts, there is pushback to be automatically enrolled in the program, but once established, there is a high level of satisfaction with virtual cards as a preferred method of payments.

What if the supplier does not accept Mastercard?

Occasionally the file Finexio procures flags a supplier as accepting Mastercard when they do not.  In this case the payment will not be processed.  The supplier will need to call Finexio (phone number on the letter) and we will arrange payment through other methods.

What if the supplier does not accept the card?

Finexio will contact the supplier 8 and 12 days after the card is issued.  After 14 days the card will be defunded and a check will be mailed.  A second virtual card attempt may be made with the next invoice cycle.

How does Finexio ensure that the supplier does not view the letter as Spam?

The letter makes it clear it is from you and summarizes invoices that they ought to recognize.  It is also clear who to contact with questions. Finexio will explain the opt-out nature of the program and the benefits to the supplier.