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AP Payments as a Service

Simplification and optimization at every stage of the AP process.
Eliminate time-consuming work functions for you and your team.


Finexio strategically identifies who to pay and the best method of payment


Our dedicated service team onboards suppliers through multi-channel campaigns


Payments are debited from the customer’s bank account and distributed to suppliers according to their preference


Finexio takes care of all payment issues, resends, refunds, change requests, and supplier inquiries for you

Finexio’s service and support is unmatched

Dedicated supplier enablement team:

Finexio handles 100% of supplier outreach  & communications onboards your suppliers onto electronic payments—reducing the workload for your accounts payable and finance teams, while providing white-glove service to you and your suppliers

24/7 Access to Payment Data:


Our dedicated support team provides 24/7 access to payment data and handles supplier payment exceptions.

Strong Supplier Relationships:


Build trust through exceptional supplier service

Dynamic Reporting & Payment Analytics

100% Managed Data

Finexio optimizes your payment data so you can easily gain insights to increase budgeting and forecasting accuracy


Our portal tracks how and when your payments are sent, providing easy access for quicker analysis


Improve your payment security with validated, encrypted, and securely stored bank account information



We strategically identify who to pay and the best method of payment
Our dedicated service team onboards suppliers through multi-channel campaigns
We take care of any payment issues, resends, refunds, change requests, and supplier inquiries


Pay Suppliers on invoice approval and earn cash back
Access instant funding to support early payments
Easily extend payment terms to free up cash


Get your invoices paid faster in exchange for a discount
All eligible invoices are paid automatically, with the cash quickly landing directly in your bank account
Turn FinexioOnDemand on or off at any time, depending on your need for cash. No questions asked.

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Eliminate the work that comes with making your AP payments

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Unlock cash from your payables with FinexioCash™

Optimize your cash flow by turning payments into cash

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Get your receivables paid faster with FinexioOnDemand™

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Who We Help

Solving Real Customer Needs


Increase Cashflow
Increase EBITDA
Improve Financial Controls


Improve Financial Controls
Improve Visibility
Reduce staff workload

AP Manager

Reduce Staff Workload
Improve Visibility
Increase Automation

Finexio turns AP Spend into Cashflow by:

Generating Cash Back

  • Earn dollars on spend
  • AP becomes profit center
  • 3X your card spend

Capturing Discounts

  • Never miss a discount
  • Retain control
  • Increase yield on cash

Extending Payment Terms

  • Unlock working capital
  • Stop paying invoices early
  • Optimized by payment type

Zero Cost Financing

  • No cost financing
  • Extend DPO 15 days
  • Improve supplier health

How it works

Minimal Effort.  Maximum Return.


Finexio analyzes your AP payment flows to identify working capital savings and best method of payment


Payments and remittance are distributed to suppliers via the best and preferred payment method


Finexio engages with suppliers to drive settlement and remove work from your AP team

What makes Finexio unique?

Our capabilities uniquely save and improve cashflow.


  • Pay suppliers on invoice approval, accelerating payments, and earning a rebate

Early Payment Program

  • Finexio can pay your suppliers immediately after invoices are approved with no cost

Ten Payment Methods

  • More Domestic and International ways to pay means more cashflow, savings, and automation


Move from paper checks to modern payment methods from day one.

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Do Less While Saving More

Improve your financial position with Finexio through cost savings and cash back opportunities.

Estimate Your Annual Savings
$75 Million
Annual Revenue
Annual Savings
$150 Million
Annual Revenue
Annual Savings
$300 Million
Annual Revenue
Annual Savings
$1.8 Million
Annual Savings
$600 Million
Annual Revenue

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Hear from our customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this secure?

Finexio’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Amazon’s secure data centers and utilizes the Amazon Web Service (AWS) technology. Amazon continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards. Amazon’s data center operations have been accredited under: ISO 27001, SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS 70 Type II), FISMA Moderate, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), AML/KYC Screening

What’s involved in implementing Finexio’s solution?

Finexio works instantly with any Accounting or ERP system. Nothing to install and no IT resources required

How can Finexio do this so affordably?

We employ Automation Technology and AI to pay your bills.

How does Finexio know who and how to pay?

We analyze our customers' supplier list against a number of payment networks to determine the best way to pay those suppliers. Our technology uses internal and external data on payment method preference to fill in contact and company data gaps.

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