Finexio's History


Our founder and CEO, Ernest Rolfson, started his career as a working capital consultant at EY helping large companies eliminate costs and improve cashflow.  

He was eventually recruited by MasterCard to develop new business to business payment products.

photo of Finexio Founder & CEO Ernest Rolfson
photo of Mastercard office, where Ernest used to work


At MasterCard Ernest advised some of the largest banks, insurance, and healthcare companies on how to efficiently disburse hundreds of billions of dollars of spend every year.

Ernest was recruited to Change Healthcare to help them make investments to automate and electronify the 55 million paper payments they physically mailed every year.  

There, he met Chris Wyatt who was responsible for managing their large payments operation and factory.

Finexio is born

Despite best intentions, Ernest and Chris grew frustrated by the lack of innovation, unresponsiveness of the large banks they worked with, and minimal resources to implement necessary change to help their customers.

To get started on fixing the problem, Ernest raised $1m from investors based on a powerpoint identifying that the majority of companies are still paying more than $12 trillion in paper based manual processes.    

Shortly after Chris Wyatt joined Ernest to further develop a modern payments service out of Silicon Valley.


Finexio Today

Now, based in Orlando, FL,  Finexio is a 40 person team that manages over $4b in accounts payable payments for companies ranging between $100m-$6b revenue that pay more than 70,000 suppliers each year.

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