On Demand Pricing Supplement

Last Updated 08/06/2021

The Purchase Price of receivables will be calculated as follows. In return for paying 100% of approved invoices within 10 days of receipt from customer, the Purchase Price of the receivable will be 2% of the approved value of the invoice.

By agreeing to participate in this program and on behalf of the Company, you agree to the Pricing Supplement, and to participate in the Program as specified. I authorize Finexio or its affiliated companies to initiate ACH credits to the account(s) listed for all invoice payments. Supplier acknowledges that the origination of ACH transactions to the above accounts must comply with the provisions of U.S. law. Supplier further agrees to resolve and/or refund any payments made in error in a timely manner. This agreement will remain in effect until I notify Finexio of the desire to cancel or change this service or until I am notified that thisservice has been terminated. I agree to any fees that may be assessed inaccordance with these payments and I understand that I must allow a reasonable time for my instructions to be executed. I certify that I am a representative of the above-named provider and that I am authorized to complete thisenrollment and bind the Supplier to the terms of the Agreement and Pricing Supplement.