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AP Payments as a Service

More Cashflow Now, Minimal Effort to Achieve


  • Finexio analyzes your supplier payment history to identify cashflow benefits and best method of payment
  • Marketing campaigns are launched to educate and inform suppliers on new payment options
  • Concierge supplier enablement engages with suppliers to assist navigating to the best payment method and speed for them


  • Customer enter payments into their accounting system just like now, but instead of selecting “Print”, they select them to “Pay”
  • Payments are debited from customer’s bank account(s) to a trust account for secure funding
  • Verified funds and remittance are distributed to suppliers according to their preference


  • Congrats, you are done!  You are free to work on something strategic and more valuable than standing at a printer or signing checks!
  • We take care of any payment issues, resends, refunds, change requests, and supplier inquiries
  • Most answers to suppliers's questions can be found online or handled via chat


The Service you deserve

Save Time

Finexio onboards suppliers onto electronic payments—reducing the workload for your accounts payable and finance teams, while providing dedicated concierge-level support to you and your suppliers

Improve Finances

Finexio shifts payments from high-cost manual to low-cost digital payments, reducing per-payment costs by 100% and generating revenue from what is traditionally a cost center

Be Safe

Finexio offers best-in-class security for all payment methods, and takes your staff out of collecting, storing, or trying to validate supplier bank account numbers.

Save more

Improve your financial position with Finexio through cost savings and cash back opportunities.

Estimate Your Annual Savings
$75 Million
Annual Revenue
Annual Savings
$150 Million
Annual Revenue
Annual Savings
$300 Million
Annual Revenue
Annual Savings
$1.8 Million
Annual Savings
$600 Million
Annual Revenue


One-Click Payment Processing

  • Works with any ERP / Accounting System.
  • Submit your payments when you're ready. We'll do the rest.

Dynamic Reporting and Analytics

  • Maintain visibility and control with our easy-to-use,responsive dashboard.
  • Know the status of every payment, 24/7.

Concierge-Level Support

  • Find answers to questions with our in- app Help Center and live chat support
  • Every customer has a dedicated customer success manager for weekly, monthly, or quarterly strategy sessions to maximize cashflow

Finexio Differentiators

Finexio is the only AP Payments as a Solution offering. We eliminate the work of making payments so that our customers can focus on what they do best

From our concierge-level white glove service to our unique financing and payment terms tools and solutions, we make sure that there is no stone left unturned to digitize more of your payments to save time and make you money

Supplier Enablement

Finexio achieves 3X industry-leading electronic payment conversion. Digital workflows allow suppliers to effortlessly switch from costly and inefficient manual AP payments.

  • Secure, Fast, and Cost-effective
  • Segmentation
  • Comprehensive

To learn more about Finexio's industry leading supplier enablement, click here

CredX- Pay Suppliers With a Card

Our technology allows customers to pay any supplier with a Mastercard or Visa credit card.   Regardless of whether they accept card or not.

  • Gain 30 days of new cashflow
  • Save up to .75% on every transaction
  • Suppliers are still paid on time

Supply Chain Finance-Extend DPO and Enhance Cashflow

Our customers can take control over their cash flow, by leveraging payment terms extension with their supplier base

  • Unlock working capital for you and your suppliers
  • Switch from negotiation to collaboration with suppliers
  • Invest in stability and resiliency in your supplier base

International Payments

Streamline your global business transfers and save money. Every minute spent on the headache of an international bank transfer means less time for innovation and growth of your small business.

  • Seamlessly pay suppliers in over 110 countries around the world
  • Access a global payments platform via a single API
  • Save time and money, while mitigating risks associated with international fund transfers

To learn more about Finexio's International Payments Capabilities, download our brochure here

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