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Finexio’s Referral Program is an incentive-based program that offers financial benefit, or rewards, to those who refer new business opportunities to Finexio. If you are familiar with Finexio, you already understand how Finexio helps businesses lower costs, increase efficiencies, enhance data security, and generate recurring revenues from your AP payables. Now you can help business associates achieve these same benefits while generating rewards in exchange!

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Step 1 in the referral process

Identify Referral Opportunities

Review the ideal referral profile below to help you better identify accounts that could achieve maximum benefit from Finexio's AP Payments solutions.

Step 2 in the referral process

Register the Opportunity with Finexio

Please take a moment to complete the referral registration form below.

Step 3 in the referral process

Eligibility Confirmation

From there, we will determine if your referral meets eligibility criteria. You will receive a confirmation email if your referral is accepted as qualified.

Step 4 in the referral process

Get Rewarded

If signed, you will earn a reward once the referral has been up and running for 90-days.

Ideal Referral Profile

- Annual Revenue - $100M -$1.5B
- Manual, Paper-Based AP Payments
- Office Closures Impacting AP Processes
- Financial Decision Maker

Learn More

To learn more or for assistance with idenifying qualified referral candidates, connect with a member of our team at or email us directly at

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By submitting your referrals' contact data you are committing that you have received permission from the referral to share their business information. If you have any questions, please contact us at