Supplier Electronic Payments

We at Courtyard San Diego  Mission Valley Hotel Circle strive to improve our payment processes through technological enhancement, thus we are moving toward a more automated payment system, allowing us to reduce the time required to pay our invoices and significantly decrease the number of checks written on a daily basis.

Courtyard San Diego  Mission Valley Hotel Circle is implementing a Supplier Payments Program which will optimize the payments process for our respective organizations. We have partnered with Birchstreet Pay - Powered by Finexio, experts in commercial payment execution, this program will deliver payments using a Finexio virtual card that you will process using your existing card payment solution.

Below are various resources including FAQs, our complete executive letter, and letter of authorization in addition to a form to enroll in virtual card payment acceptance. If you have any questions, contact Finexio at

Letter of Authorization

The official acknowledgement of the partnership with Finexio.