Supplier Electronic Payments

Get your money up to 40 days earlier than you’d normally get paid.

Finexio offers your company the chance to participate in an early payment program to receive your money as soon as 5 days after submitting your invoice.

We are implementing an Early Payment Program which will optimize the payments process for our respective organizations. We have partnered with Finexio, experts in commercial payment execution, and this program will allow you to select when and how you wish to be paid.

The benefits of the Finexio Early Payment Program include:

  • Priority Invoice Processing & Faster Payment: You have the option to receive your payment in as little as five days less a small discount.
  • Easier Reconciliation: Each Finexio payment includes detailed remittance advice tying back to specific invoices or work orders— less time spent reconciling or tracking down payments and lost checks.
  • Improved Security: Finexio uses best in class security and fraud controls, ensuring your payments are safe.
  • More Transparency: Receive payment notifications and complementary 24/7 access to the Finexio Payee Portal where you can access all of your payment information.

If you would like to contact a member of the Finexio team to learn more, they can be reached by email at and over the phone at (407) 232-9138.

Letter of Authorization

The official acknowledgement of the partnership with Finexio.