Supplier Electronic Payments

As we strive to improve our AP processes, we have begun an initiative to drive more electronic payments to speed up invoice processing time, enhance security and save costs associated with sending paper checks.

We're excited to be working with payments experts, Finexio,that are helping us drive electronic payment adoption and improve our vendor payment experience.

The benefits of the Finexio program include:

  • Faster Settlement: Finexio payments are issued and delivered on the same day vs. our current check process which can take 30 days or more.
  • Improved Security: Finexio leverages single-use virtual cards which carry enhanced security measures reducing fraud and guarantee payment.
  • More Transparency: Complimentary access to the Finexio Payee Portal where you can access payment details and connect with Finexio support 24/7.


Getting started is easy!

Click 'Enroll Now' to enroll in the Finexio payment network.


We have provided several helpful links below that describe this initiative in more detail. We appreciate your cooperation in helping Virgin Hotels Chicago create a better AP experience!


Still have Questions?

Contact Finexio's supplier enablement team at:


Phone: 321-270-0213

Letter of Authorization

The official acknowledgement of the partnership with Finexio.