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Benefits of Enrolling in
Electronic Payments

Ready to ditch the hassle, inefficiency, and long payment cycles of paper check payments? Has your organization been exposed to any type of payment fraud attempts? According to the 2023 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, 63% of surveyed organizations were subject to check fraud. There's no better time than now to modernize and broaden your electronic payment acceptance options.

Virtual Card payments are still known to be the safest form of electronic payment on the market today. In just a few simple steps you can be enrolled and enjoying the benefits of faster, more secure electronic payments, including virtual cards.

Faster Settlement

Finexio Virtual Cards and ACH payments are issued quickly to your inbox, are delivered on the same day, and typically settle without delay - you get access to your funds sooner.

Easier Reconciliation

Each payment includes detailed remittance advice tying back to specific invoices or work orders - less time spent reconciling or tracking down payments and lost checks.

Improved Security

Electronic payments are safer than checks. Finexio virtual cards are single-use cards that carry a number of enhanced security measures ensuring they may only be processed by the appropriate payee.

Payment Visibility

Virtual Card and FinexioExpress acceptors get 24/7 access to the Finexio Payee Portal where you can access all of your payment information and the statuses of those payments.

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With customized, digital, AP payment solutions, Finexio can help you achieve more from your payables.

Explore the same benefits your customers enjoy with AP payments as a service from Finexio.

  • Increase AP efficiency
  • Increase cash flow
  • Generate net new revenues via your AP payables
  • Optimize your payments through your existing ERP
  • Minimize payment fraud risk
  • Reduce processing costs