Supplier Management

Finexio deploys a strategic supplier payments strategy backed by machine learning combined with a consultative approach to electronic payment optimization.

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A trusted partner of some of the largest financial institutions, procurement, and accounts payable software.

Finexio’s Specialized Supplier Management Team

Finexio is a trusted partner for our customers and their suppliers. Its Supplier Management team uses data and technology to optimize electronic payment acceptance. 

Supplier Communication

100% of payments communication to suppliers with a defined onboarding process and ongoing maintenance of payment preferences


Finexio uses its database of suppliers and card issuer data sets to determine optimial conversion for each supplier

Multi-Channel Onboarding Campaigns

Finexio uses web, phone, and direct mail to educate suppliers on the value of electronic payments

Sustainable Success Model

Finexio keeps a positive rapport with suppliers by adapting to changes in supplier preferences for long-term success for buyer and supplier

“We welcome the opportunity to partner with Finexio to create back office and payment efficiencies for Amherst and our suppliers.”

- Kevin Weinman, CFO of Amherst College

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Supplier Management Powered by Machine Learning

Finexio’s Supplier Management team leverages data and technology to optimize payment conversion

Access to card issuer data sets allows for better virtual card acceptance

Industry-specific payment data translates to strategic payment optimization

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Finexio Takes on 100% of Supplier Communication

Finexio’s Supplier Management team communicates the value of electronic payments to your suppliers

All suppliers are targeted equally, and 100% of spend is managed efficiently

Ongoing supplier conversion through multiple campaign channels, not just during onboarding

Why High-Touch Supplier Management?

Remove the need for internal AP teams to call suppliers, update and verify information, and educate them on electronic payments. Instead, Finexio’s teamhandles all supplier communications and provides white-glove service to all parties involved.

Saves Time & Reduces Complexity

No more need to manually onboard each new supplier and convert them to electronic payments. Finexio takes on 100% of the communication to suppliers with a defined onboarding process. 

Reduces Costs

Finexio’s Supplier Management team becomes an extension of your AP team, so you don’t have to hire on additional headcount, and current staff can focus on other business initiatives. Reduce paper check costs and gain electronic payment revenue opportunities. 

Supports Suppliers

Finexio’s Supplier Management team provides continued education to suppliers on the benefits of electronic payments. Suppliers become meaningfully engaged, which leads to a better working relationship. 

Make Payments Profitable

Finexio’s Supplier Management team guarantees that your suppliers have a seamless payments experience. Realize high virtual card and payment adoption without the manual effort of converting suppliers.