Evolving Supplier Payments into an Engine for Business Growth

Presented by Finexio's Payments Experts

Businesses of all sizes are ready to grow again. And in many businesses, it’s the CFO who is leading the growth strategy. But freeing up cash flow in order to scale is hard in an environment where economic uncertainty and fast-changing market conditions reign. More CFOs are discovering a solution in an unexpected place: Accounts Payable. The way a business pays its suppliers can play a big role in helping CFOs drive value and efficiency. This free webinar will show you how.

What you will learn:

• How the role of the CFO and the finance department is growing
• How supplier payments can help CFOs deliver business value
• Four ways payments automation can improve cash flow
• Examples of businesses that achieved growth through payments automation
• An action plan for evolving accounts payable into a growth engine

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